How To Apply Eye Shadow – The Right Way To Make Your Eyes More Attractive

Brown eyes are very common and a variety of eyeshadow’s can be tried for brown eyes to highlight them.There are a multitude of colors that can be used as per one’s taste and preference. The right  eyeshadow  can add a lot to one’s looks and can help to enhance one’s personalty. Only requirement is learning how to apply eyeshadow in the right perspective. In the same analogy the user has to learn how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Applying Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

how to apply eyeshadowApplying eyeshadow requires patience and endurance on the part of the user and there are specific techniques for their application. Here is how to apply eyeshadow when they are brown colored.

Materials required:

  • 2 contrasting eyeshadow colors, light and dark
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Highlighter shadow, very light
  • eye liner
  • mascara

How to Apply Eyeshadow

  1. Before applying the eyeshadow wash your eyes properly and apply moisturizer as per the skin tone. Preferably yellowish shade should be used for fair skin and darker shades should be used if dark circles are visible around your eyes to hide them. Make sure your palette is blank. This will make your skin look smooth, uniform and  your make up  will be flawless
  2. Applying the base eyeshadow: two eyeshadows need to be chosen with one light (base color) and one dark color that contrast each other. Good options could be: purple and gold, peach and green, bronze and brown, mustard and blue. Apply on your entire eye lid and under the eye, half of the outer end.
  3. Applying the second eyeshadow: Apply the darker eyeshadow to your crease and blend it inwards. Keep blending it in the crease until the entire eyeshadow is properly blended with an eyeshadow brush and you are satisfied with the look. Applying the eye liner and highlighting: Take a very light eyeshadow color and highlight your tear ducts and the area under your eyebrows. This will define your eye brow bone properly. Apply eyeliner around your eyes properly. Bottom line is to learn how to apply eyeshadow like a pro.
  4. The final touch: apply the mascara to finalize the look. Depending upon the look you want loud or simple you can apply clear mascara or Vaseline and brush your eyelashes or you can use shiny mascara.

In all these the user can take the help of videos on eyeshadow application. Only thing is to know how to apply eyeshadow video.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

how to apply eyeshadow for blue eyesPeople residing in cooler climates often have blue eyes and in many western countries most people have such blue eyes. Knowing how to apply eyeshadow when the user has blue eyes is therefore also important for many makeup artists and those having beauty parlors and is involved in makeup industry. Here are facts about how to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes.

Things That You Require

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow brush

Instructions for Application

  1. As blue is a cool color, the blue eyes can be enhanced by choosing shadows in warm tones. Taupe and soft peach colors provide nice contrast for blue colors.
  2. First apply concealer around your eyes as per your skin tone and then apply rich brown eyeshadow to make your blue eyes stand out. The brown shade will make the blue eyes look prominent and will highlight your features.
  3. While choosing the eyeshadow for blue eyes a shade that is darker than blue like navy blue should be chosen so that it makes your eyes stand out. The navy blue provides enough contrast to any blue color.
  4. Line the eye lids with deep brown or soft black eyeshadow. This will help to define your eyes properly and it will provide a softer look than eyeliner.
  5. Lavender or violet shades can be tried for blue eyes usually for nighttime or party look. Purple also complements blue eyes well enhancing their blue tones.
  6. Silver eyeshadow can be used in the crease of the eye lids to enhance the blue eyes and helps to provide an elegant look.
  7. Use light strokes while applying the eyeshadow. First use a little amount of eyeshadow and then layer more eyeshadow on top until you reach the desired color.

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow

how to apply smokey eyeshadowSmokey eyeshadow is usually preferred at the evening time and it gives a glamorous look to the face. However it is necessary learning how to apply Smokey eyeshadow. To get this look it’s better to use black, grey and brown shades instead of blue. To complement it you should go for dark colors on the face. That way they will seem to be black until closely examined

Things that you will require

  • Make up sponge and makeup brush
  • Cream concealer
  • Foundation or base
  • Eye liner
  • Cotton swab
  • Tissues
  • Eyeshadows (one dark and one light)
  • Make up remover

Step by step instructions

  1. Apply a small amount of foundation and concealer around your eyes (that is the eye lids and the area between eye lids and eye brows). This will help to apply the eyeshadow and will smoothen it to give a uniform skin tone.
  2. Then use an eye liner to properly under line your upper eye lid and apply kajal on the lower eye lids. This will under line your eye and highlight its features. Close your eyes while applying the eye liner and give it a darker look without over powering it too much.
  3. Apply the eyeshadow with a makeup brush. Cover the entire eye lid up to the crease of your eye between the eye lid and eye brow bone. Use a sponge, tissue or cotton swab to blend it upwards towards your eye brow bone. Stop about a quarter inch below your actual eye brow or else the entire definition of your face may be lost.
  4. Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow powder such as gold or ivory, right on top of your eye brow bone to further define the space between your eyeshadow and your eyeshadow. Apply dark mascara on your eye lashes either a jet black or dark brown as per your preference. Let the first coat be dry and apply a second coat. Do not use the eye lash curler as it may be over dramatic.
  5. See yourself in the mirror if you are satisfied with the look then repeat steps one to four for the second eye or else remove the makeup using a makeup remover and wash your face and try some other shades.

Bottom line of all these is that brown, blue, or Smokey; you need to know how to apply eyeshadow perfectly.

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