Anti Aging Skin Care Before It’s Too Late

Skin care is something which most people tend to ignore. People will still do the same things which has never given them results like using the same face cream and face wash, eating the same kinds of food etc. there are some people who will even go to the extent of doing anti aging skin care artificial treatment on their skin like botox, laser peeling etc.

Anti Aging Skin Care

As we grow older, our skin changes. It starts to age. What we look like in our 20s, it is not necessary that we will look the same in our 30s and 40s too. Of course we can look the same if we take good care of our skin. If you want to look good in your older years it is important that you start taking care of your skin in your younger years.

What should be the anti aging skin care regime?

As to prevent our skin from aging we need to take care of it. We need to be disciplined and structured in our day to day lives. Eating the right food and being in a clean environment are some basic stuff. One should also follow a bit of other stuffs like:

  • Using gentle cleansers on your skin or face to remove oils and makeup. Do not use a cleanser which will remove the moisture from your skin.
  • Using light moisturizers in the day and also using sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection is a must. This is something which one cannot skip at all when one is buying anti aging products from the shops.
  • For people who have mild acne, they should consult their dermatologist for the correct treatment. Avoid experimenting with different types of creams and washes.
  • If you are someone who likes to party late night and drink hard, then always use antioxidants as they flush out toxins from the body. Apply serum before going to sleep as this will protect against lines, pigmentation and skin aging.
  • One can use eye creams and other products for anti aging provided they are not harsh on the skin.

Just face washes and different types of creams won’t do. One needs to eat health for the skin to remain young and vibrant. So one must be wondering what to eat and what not to?

Anti aging Foods for Skin

  • Oats: Complex carbs like oats have low glycemic index and thus does not spike the blood sugar level. Foods that have a very high glycemic index like refined breads etc. cause wrinkles acne etc. Oats have plant chemicals which soothen skins and repair damaged skin cells.
  • Oranges: This fruit has a lot of water content in them and they hydrate the skin. Moreover oranges are a great source of vitamin C which helps in keeping skin supple.
  • Brussels sprouts: these have vitamin C and A and protect the skin against sun damage. One can have Brussels sprouts with a bit of olive oil.
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