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Acne is a common problem that people across the world face. It is prominent mainly among young people. The task is not too difficult as a certain self-care measures can easily solve the problem. Just like the importance of preventive measures, it is also essential that one takes care for not allowing its recurrence. There are certain factors that can help in its prevention. Personal hygiene and acne prevention tips go hand-in-hand. Thus, maintaining healthy habits and a balanced life style are primary requirements to prevent the problem. Accumulation of dirt and oil on the face can block the pores of the skin and encourage growth of acne. You should be careful to maintain a healthy life style to avoid such dirt accumulation and other aspects that triggers the problem.

To prevent it the following natural acne prevention habits may be practiced:

Key Acne Prevention Measures

    • Washing face¬†regularly with your hands, twice a day, using the right kind of face wash, depending on whether the skin is dry, oily or combined type. Of course, the hands should be cleaned before the face is washed.
    • Replenishing the moisture of the skin that has been lost during washing may be done by using a moisturizer after every wash.
    • Makeup has always to be removed before going to sleep; else, it can clog the pores and cause acne.
How to Prevent Acne?

How to Prevent Acne?

  • As bacteria contribute to its formation, and hands are always exposed to bacteria, touching the face with bare hands should always be avoided. Sharing of daily accessories like hair bands, combs, towels, make up brushes etc with someone in the family should also be avoided.
  • Removal of dead skin from the outer layer of facial skin should be undertaken once a week. This can be done by wiping gently with an exfoliating agent.
  • Pillowcases can spread dead skin and dirt. Therefore, uses of clean pillowcases can reduce or prevent it.
  • Proper hair care particularly for those with oily skin can reduce acne. Oils secreted from the scalp can make its way to the face and aggravate the problem of acne. Hence, washing the hair on alternate days has to be ensured.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight as the ultra violet rays of the sun are harmful for skin and can aggravate conditions for acne. Use of sunscreen lotion can reduce the harm when going outdoors.

Acne Prevention Diet

Acne prevention diet

Acne prevention diet

Proper selection of acne prevention foods coupled with acne prevention vitamins and regular exercise contribute to the overall well-being and stops acne. One has to strictly stay away from junk food and fast food and concentrate on. Restrictions on intake of milk products and abstaining from alcohol and smoking, having enough sleep and remaining sufficiently hydrated by drinking plenty of water are some of the recommendations to prevent acne.

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