What are back pimples causes

Possible factors contributing as back pimples causes are broadly androgen (hormone) level rise on your back, greasy cosmetics, eating dairy products, medications side-effects and genetics. On par with your face and other areas, your back also is riddled with all the skin parts.

back pimples causes

How do pimples form?

The sebum (oily liquid) produced by the glands carries dead skin cells through the pipes to the surface. Furthermore, a hair develops through the follicle protruding out from the skin. When these follicles get blocked reacting with bacteria, pimples grow giving rise to storing of oil under the skin. These constitute back pimples causes.

Pimples characteristically pop on the face, back, neck, chest and shoulders in humans. Adolescents are mostly the targets. Typically, acnes, erupting on your chest and back, speak for their grievousness and vexatiousness though they are not dreaded. The ideal time for their manifestation is puberty period when the oily glands become mature stimulated by male hormones produced by the adrenal glands of either gender.

Pimple types:

A number of types characterize pimples. Some are:

Cysts: Filled with pus, painful and visible on the skin, cysts can leave behind scars.

Blackheads: Studding on the skin surface as black spots, and clearly visible, blackheads are not ones caused by dirt; they can neither be scrubbed off.

Whiteheads: Looking very tine, they are underneath the skin.

Nobules: Deep in the skin, Nobules are painful and big pimples; but they appear visibly on the skin surface.

Papules: Appearing on the skin surface, they look like small, pink bumps.

Pustules: Prominently visible on the surface of the skin, they are red at the pedestal having pus at the top.

The back pimples causes:

The mechanics of acne and pimples are interlinked and interdependent. Notwithstanding the medical breakthroughs, no precise cause has yet been pinpointed behind the occurrence of acne.

However, as experts believe, the following are considered to be possible causes.

  1. Androgen, a type of hormone is found to spurt in its level as teens attain adulthood. This rise causes the oil glands underneath to grow. The gland expands producing more oil. Excessive oil (sebum) causes in turn to break down the cellular walls of the pores promoting bacterial growth.
  1. Other postulations point to the possibility of acne occurring by inheritance, passed down from parents.
  2. Some researchers are of the view that acne can be caused when medications containing lithium and androgen are taken by teenagers.
  1. According to some, greasy cosmetics may be the cause behind acne in a few vulnerable cases.
  2. Other possibility is hormonal changes during pregnancy causing acne growing as first appearance or as recurrence.

Tidbits on acne:

Acne-causing bacteria has two specimens- one, good and another, bad, as per a latest finding of a Washington University School of Medicine, which are responsible for the nature and frequency of pimples sprouting.

Another recent study in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics magazine suggests that dairy products and high glycemic index diets contribute to acne occurrence.

Pimples or acne, they are not dangerous, but a source of nuisance and some pain.

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