Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Acne Excoriee

Acne excoriee is often caused by picking the popping pimples or other blemishes in the human anatomy. Over the passage of time and due to changes in hormonal structures of the body, they can get worsened and being infected due to consistent picking habits of the affected person. Medical experts believe that stress and depressions are the main causes that could result in the patient picking at acne and that are why it is important learning about acne excoriee treatment that can address the problems.

Acne excorieeCauses of Acne Excoriee

Major causes of acne excoriee are –

  • Stress suffered by people in the modern stressful life.
  • Depression often caused due to mental and physical sufferings.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder can bring up the syndrome.

Either or all of the above conditions could lead to development of the disease.


Acne Excoriee Symptoms

Basic symptoms of acne excoriee are scratched and picked pimples. The term is French and they are the results of attempt to pick and remove the spots from face or other parts of the anatomy to get rid of them. In advanced stages the picking can also cause scarring. Excessive picking at spots is one of the major reasons of acne excoriee forehead or face.

Acne Excoriee Treatment

In order to treat acne excoriee it is necessary taking care of physical treatment as well as introduction of behavioral changes in the lifestyle of the person concerned. Some of the most effective treatments are as follows.

  • Applying topical acne medication that contains benzoyl peroxide can help.
  • Conversely salicylic acid can be used in place of benzoyl peroxide.
  • Behavioral change includes relinquishing the habit of picking.
  • It would be good for the affected person taking advice of a mental surgeon. Such physician can find out the reasons for and get the solution to the stress factors affecting the person concerned.

Need of Self Regulation

However besides the medications and treatments, it is necessary for the patient to indulge in self regulation by dispensing with the urge to excoriate the acne. One has to remember that it is not only important curing the acne but also taking steps to stop acne excoriee from occurring. Prevention is the best cure as they say and it is not more applicable to anything than the acne excoriee treatments.

Stress Removal to Stop Acne Excoriee

Most important to stop or treat acne excoriee is stress removal and this can be ensured by the use of anti-depressant and also the antipsychotic drugs and medications. Taking short breaks when pressure builds up and a little relaxation every time can also work wonders for the patient suffering from this type of acne.

While the main cause of acne excoriee is picking and best preventive is to stop picking, use of qualitative medications, drugs, and supplements offered by high quality provider will ensure that it leaves no scars behind.

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